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Strap Clips


Our ID card clips are a cost-effective solution allowing you to securely display photo ID and visitor passes on a belt, tie, blouse, jacket or pocket.


The most popular ID badge clip is the standard nylon strap clip which is most commonly used by attaching the ID card clip to a shirt or pocket.


Please note that the strap clips can be used in conjuntion with our badgeholders and badge reels.

Strap clips for id cards and badges with a nylon cushion mechanism

100 per pack


Strap clip with a reinforced strap and nylon cushion mechanism

  • Nickel plated badge clip

  • Reinforced strap and metal poppers

  • Compatible with our ID card holders

100 per pack


Strap Clips - with reinforced strap

Pin Clip with self adhesive pad. No need to punch a hole in the card.

  • Metal crocodile clip with pin

  • 23 x 14mm self-adhesive pan

  • Compatible with our single-sided ID card holders

100 per pack


Pin Clips - with self adhesive pad

Brooch pin with a self adhesive panel, allowing it to be stuck straight onto the card.

Dimensions: 30mm square

100 per pack

Brooch Pin

Attach one part directly to the card, then place the magnet on the other side of your clothing. Ideal for garments without pockets. Please note that this holder is not suitable for magnetic stripe cards.


100 per pack

Magnetic Badge Holder

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