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Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards are an ideal way to subtly brand your event or offer promotional space to sponsors. Available in multiple colours to match your branding the lanyards are robust, durable and fully customisable.

As well as protecting your investment in ID cards, they're perfect for adding a touch of distinction to corporate events like trade shows and exhibitions, helping your staff to stand out at club events and are great for making festival goers feel like part of the party.

Our customised lanyards are printed with dye-sublimation, with text and your logo repeated along the length on both sides and will include 1 breakaway at the back of the neck.


Our printed lanyards are available in four different widths, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm.


The most popular width is 15mm width as this allows for logos and images to be printed clearly and text to be easily read.


The standard drop size is 90cm.

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